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Zoë, Blog Author - Our Edit

I have been seeing Shelene as my hair stylist for better part of 5 years now. I am never disappointed with my hair and always leave the salon feeling beautiful with exactly what I want.

Shel always guides me with my choices and always advises me whether she thinks its a good or bad idea. I trust her implicitly and listen to her as she is the pro! Nothing is ever too much effort for Shelene or any of the stylists and receptionists at Tanaz.

Shelene always goes above and beyond her call of duty and is also on trend and knows the latest in hair technology and treatments.

I often get asked who does my colour as it always looks healthy and is the perfect golden hue!

Thanks Shel for all you do for the industry and for me, and we look forward to collaborating with you more on our edit!

Our Edit

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Tanya Kovarsky, Blog Author - Rattle & Mum

I have been going to Tanaz for the last three years, and i owe every good hair day to Shelene and her team. Tanaz is also a happy and relaxed space, and my form of “therapy”. Shelene always listens to what I’m in the mood for, and is also supportive when I’m keen for a change, and is always recommending great products and giving tips for hair care in any season.

It’s a welcoming establishment that makes you feel comfortable and at home, but with the service and expertise of an award-winning salon, which it is.

Tessa Passmore, Beauty Editor, Sunday Times

Tessa has been in the beauty industry for six years - starting her career as a beauty editor at Essentials magazine. She's now the beauty editor of the Design Hub at TMG where she contributes beauty content to the Sunday Times, The EDIT magazine supplements, Business Day's WANTED, Sundaytimes.co.za and soon wantedonline.co.za.

Skincare and quality products are her passion as is discovering the best in hair treatments for curly hair. 'I have deep respect for a hairstylist who understands girl's with curls' she says.

Shelene has been colouring and treating Tessa's locks for most of her career, where results are always top notch. 'Shelene is always willing to go the extra mile for her clients. I have on more than one occasion had an appointment at 6:30am because of a busy schedule - and I completely cherish and appreciate Shel's ability to make a plan for me'.

Bronwyn Nielsen, Editor-in-Chief CNBC Africa

As a natural brunette turned blonde you need an extremely skilled hair dresser to keep you in ship shape especially when you work in front of the camera. You also work odd hours with shoots occurring early in the morning so you need to find someone that understands these demands and that is prepared to partner with you on all fronts.

Gaby Anderson has been simply amazing and I have found the right "hair" partner for my crazy lifestyle. I so appreciate the fact that she is prepared to meet me at Tanaz at 5.00am in the morning to blow dry my hair before I leave for a foreign country to present a debate - a commitment that, of course, I reserve only for emergencies!

Most importantly her knowledge with regards to color keeps me bright blonde even though my hair traditionally tends to throw up a lot of yellow. If you are looking for an extremely talented hairdresser that goes the extra mile then Gaby is your go to person. Tanaz itself is also a great "haven" under the attentive leadership of Shelene Shaer - you always feel welcome with the opportunity to have Jacky do your nails, enjoy a delicious bite and not forgetting Pat's excellent coffee.

I have for a long time been a hairdresser gypsy moving from one salon to another in a quest to find the perfect partnership and if you visit the hair dresser as much as I do, because of the television commitments, it's been a tedious journey. But all that changed 24 months ago when I found Gaby and Tanaz. Suffice to say I have bedded down my "roots" and won't be going anywhere!

Bronwyn Nielsen

Flo Letoaba, eNCA & 947 News Anchor

It gives me great pleasure to write this testimonial on behalf of TANAZ hair & aswell as Mr Brian Warfield.

I've been a client of TANAZ for almost 3 years & Brian's since he joined the salon.

Being a presenter means I always have to look good and looking good means my hair must be in tip top shape, so I don't take any chances with my hair.

Brian's attention to detail, understanding & passion for hair makes me want to keep coming back & topped with the professionalism of TANAZ one can never go wrong, what a friendly, warm environment. Always a pleasure to be there.

I highly recommend this world class salon.

Richard Loring, Mucho

TANAZ is not just about styling and cutting hair but about making you feel cool from the moment you arrive. Now being in show business means that the arrival can be delayed by an hour or day - no problem - no long faces from the staff - just a willingness to make you look good. Shelene you have been making me feel and look special for over 15 years - long live TANAZ and all that you and your staff stand for in the world of first class hair treatment.

Debora Patta, Foreign Correspondent And Investigative Journalist

Tanaz Hair and Design

I have been going to Tanaz for well over a decade and have watched the salon grow from strength to strength.

The key driver behind this success is of course the co-owner of the business Shelene Shaer.

Shelene has kept up with every new trend both locally and internationally and this makes her business fresh and up to the moment. Whether you want your hair done old-school or in the latest modern style with the latest modern methods – it’s all available.

Part of the success of Tanaz is that there is not a one-size fits all solution – the business is strong enough to niche it’s services to the client’s needs. The care is individual and personal and if you are not happy – then they will make another plan. Tanaz staff also bend over backwards to accommodate busy complicated schedules and even come in extra early on occasion to assist – I found this particularly useful when I was covering the Pistorius trial and had to be up early to go to court in Pretoria but still needed hair done before that.

In particular, Shelene is a colour and cut expert – she will advise on what is possible, never recommend anything she thinks won’t work for you or your lifestyle and is quite blunt in suggesting that you change a look or an outdated style.

In addition, the salon has this great little restaurant and spa – so everything can be done in one place.

Tanaz has been part of my life for so long – that I can’t quite imagine not popping in there regularly. I have loved every hair change, colour suggestion and treatment I have received there – it always feels as if it is a partnership and you never leave feeling “what have I done?”

Shelene and the staff at Tanaz are professional, down-to-earth hair stylists who really offer a service that is unparalleled anywhere in this country.

Canidce Siege, Freelance Producer

I've been a client at Tanaz for almost 16 years and have tried many salons between, but there is no comparison between the expertise and value for money I've received from Shelene. Her attention to detail and experience in her trade is incomparable.

Shelene takes the time to assess, conduct a thorough consultation every time and never fails to give me her honest opinion, which I value. She personally works on my hair and does a fabulous job even when I can't see the potential of the change she suggests; I am never disappointed.

She can spot a solution a mile away and always takes the time to share and pass on her knowledge to her staff. She is a whizz with a pair of scissors! The salon is always clean and always has a great vibe, I love the fact that it's my "time out" or escape away from my busy life for a few hours on a Saturday.

Always served with a great cappuccino and a friendly smile by Claudette at reception. Nothing is ever an issue for these guys at Tanaz, even got my hair done in a private office when I was breastfeeding... I mean common! Thanks for the great service over the year’s team Tanaz and I have no doubt you will continue to shine as the best salon Joburg has to offer!

Karien Blaauw, Proline Express

I have been a client of Tanaz for a short while and will not go anywhere else.

My relationship with Tanaz started when I saw a small advertisement in a local newspaper about the blow dry bar - I started coming to the blow dry bar because it is convenient to pop past at my own time and convenience without an appointment and from there it grew. I now come regularly for color, treatments, cut and blow-dry and Gaby and Bongani are the best!! I also buy all my haircare products there and frequent the new Clarins Spa every now and then.

I love their smoothies and toasted sandwiches are yum!

Tanaz is my go-to place when I need a bit of "me " time.

Their attention to detail and professionalism is what I expect and Tanaz tick all my boxes and more for what I look for in a hairdresser.

I have been a client of Tanaz for a short while and will not go anywhere else. My relationship with Tanaz started when I saw a small advertisement in a local newspaper about the blow dry bar - I started coming to the blow dry bar because it is convenient to pop past at my own time and convenience without an appointment and from there it grew.

I now come regularly for color,treatments, cut and blow-dry and Gaby and Bongani are the best!! I also buy all my haircare products there and frequent the new Clarins Spa every now and then. I love their smoothies and toasted sandwiches are yum!

Tanaz is my go-to place when I need a bit of "me " time.

Their attention to detail and professionalism is what I expect and Tanaz tick all my boxes and more for what I look for in a hairdresser.

Yashni Padayachee, Anchor and Producer at eNCA

A woman’s hair is her crowning glory, and mine has certainly never shone this brightly!

The Tanaz staff are professional and attentive.

I’ve been going to Gaby for more than a year and I adore her work! Gaby always has a smile on her face, is accommodating, and it is evident she has a genuine love and passion for her work.

Even if I’m having a bad day, a visit to Gaby at Tanaz always cheers me up. Let’s face it, if you’re having a good hair day, nothing can get you down!

Tanaz is a salon that has its client’s best interests at heart. It’s warm, relaxing atmosphere makes it an absolute pleasure to visit.

Carmen Reddy, eNCA Anchor and 5fm Breakfast Show News Reader

I've been a client of Gaby's for a few years now. I wouldn't trust anyone else to get me camera ready. Gaby is extremely accurate with colour and knows exactly what suits me.

Jeffrey Stevens, eNCA

It always a pleasure to come for a haircut with Gabi who not only knows her stuff but she's always very friendly.

I've seen Gabi's versatility first hand whilst waiting my turn so she comes highly recommended.

Bianca Spinner, Hello Jhb Magazine

I have been a client of Tanaz since 2000 and I wouldn’t trust anyone else with my hair. It may sound strange to some but my hair is of extreme importance to me and when I’m having a bad hair day, well then I’m having a bad day.

Tanaz is like a second home with professional service, a comfortable ambience and the best head massages in town.

The staff at Tanaz always make you feel welcome, from Claudette at the front desk to Piter who washes my car to Ivy who washes my hair and finally to Gaby my hairstylist.

I cannot say enough good things about Gaby, she has nourished my locks, and has a creative spirit and such a passion for her craft, and she ensures my hair is always in pristine condition. She is such a pro that she washes, blow-dries and curls my hair in under 40 minutes!

Because I go religiously, on a weekly basis it’sbecome my favorite hour of the week. I always order a pot of tea, which arrives in beautiful fancy ceramic cups, read the latest magazine (hello joburg of course) and have some me time. Tanaz is my sanctuary.

I can’t say thank you enough to Shelene (who looks after my husband’s hair) and her stellar team, its no wonder Tanaz has been a leading salon for over a decade!

Cavy Kelley

In 1998, I first met Shelene at Tanaz in the Thrupps center. Shelene has been through thick and thin with me for almost 20years! Just about every color, cut and style, always making me feel fabulous even on my lowest and worst days. Shelene is a guru! A wise, caring and amazing woman. Your loyal client and friend.

Michelle Shaw

Hi, I have been going to Shelene at Tanaz Hair for about 8 years now, I have fine hair and very OCD about hair, Shelene is always extremely understanding of this and every time I walk out of the salon I am very happy, everybody at Tanaz is very professional and very friendly, I always look forward to my monthly appointment at Tanaz.

Deborah Quinn

So happy with my hair ever since I started frequenting Tanaz and specifically Shelene. My hair was in poor condition since I tint & highlight, she took a photo of the back of my head which showed me just how unsightly it was, advised a good cut, cut the style I asked for, and voila, it is in good condition and has grown healthy and thicker than ever.

Thank you Shelene, I always leave the salon happier than when I arrived. So pleased I found a salon I can trust and a hairdresser I adore in close proximity to home.

Raleen Bagg

Tanaz is my happy place. Gaby is a stylist in another league of excellence and has been treating me and my hair with love and care for many years.

I always look forward to spending time in the welcoming, relaxing and stylish salon where it's always smiles all round from every staff member.

And they make the best cappuccino in town!

Lauren Silberg

There are a few professionals that you never leave because you simply can't get better. Shelene of Tanaz is one of them. She has been my hairstylist and friend for 23years.She is consistent yet moves ahead with style and technology and holds each client’s good looks close to her heart. If I had to choose her forte it is definitely Colour....

Nikki Hupert

Truly a great experience at Tanaz #haironpointeverytime, Thank you gab & all staff X

Lara Salkinder

Watching Gabi evolve in her confidence and capabilities has been a privilege. Always accommodating and highly professional.

Galya Oster

Absolutely in love with Tanaz! I have been coming here for years and have always had the best service! Gaby is reliable, always punctual and accommodating and my hair has never looked better! They open until 9pm on a Wednesday night, you come in after hours, have a bite to eat and a glass of wine which is just not an option available anywhere else in JHB. The perfect fit for a working woman.... highly recommended.

Dani Brozin

Great hair dressers, great vibe, always a treat to come to Tanaz.

Angie Nunes

I been a client of Tanaz since Lika joined the tea. Lika has been doing my hair for years colour, highlights, and treatment + blow cuts. Tanaz is a lovely one stop to have all your treatment done. The great personal service is amazing and is welcomed by a delish cup of coffee. Lovely place to be.

Rina Caldeira

If you're looking for a spectacular salon Tanaz is the place.

A friendly professional salon that offers awesome services. I've had the most amazing experiences at this salon with my hairdresser Lebo.

She knew exactly what I was looking for and she delivered! She really listens to what you want and is amazingly good at remembering what you've done in the past - so you're never starting back at square one. Lebo is a hairdresser without pretention and she makes me feel relaxed has been wonderful - that is what I found with Lebo....She has been styling my hair weekly for a long while now and always remains professional, but very friendly and down to earth.

The team at Tanaz starting with owner Shelene, talented stylists Gaby, Brian, Bongani, Tarryn, Lika and Nora to name a few and fantastic shampooists Ivy, Shiela, Ntombi are super friendly and welcoming and do everything in their power to give you an amazing experience. There really is no other place you could go, where the stylists are gifted enough to treat haircutting, colour and styling as a science. No other salon is so consistently excellent. A big thank you to the amazing team at Tanaz!!


Taryn is a phenomenal stylist.

What I like most about TARYN is that she explains everything step by step, which gives me a better idea of what my hair will look like.

She's constantly giving me suggestions on what the latest trends are and what would best suit my face shape and complexion.

Taryn is professional and has a passion for hair!!